Is Mrs Rabbit Home?

Painting (Oil on canvas)
Size: 11"Hx14"W
Animal Encounter Series. I was plein air painting by a farmyard creek a few years ago. Five feet from me, tall grass started moving in spite of there being no wind. Swiftly, I grabbed my camera, leaned in, and focused it at the base of the grass to see what would emerge. A predatory mink with its intense eyes stared right back at me. I learned later that the nearby farmers had been experiencing chicken coop invasions, thus were actively hunting for this creature. Here is the resulting painting after years of contemplation and planning.
Orycon 33 Convention Art Show, National Group Exhibit, Portland, OR, 2011
Foolscap XIII Convention Art Show, Invitational, Redmond Town Center, Redmond, WA, 2011
Rural Landscapes Solo Show, Sammamish Valley Arts Center, Woodinville, WA, 2011
Norwescon 34 Convention Art Show, National Group Exhibit, SeaTac, WA, 2011
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